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You cannot see the forest for the trees...

To me, this saying is about limiting beliefs! Our vision is blurred and our perception biased by what we believe about ourselves, and the world. We loose sight of the bigger picture, in this example, the forest.

Limiting beliefs are like limiting your perspective, your reality even. Once we get rid of them, our perspective widens, and we might see possibilities and opportunities which before where just out of sight.

What are the 3 benefits addressing limiting beliefs?

Awareness is the key to change

By identifying your limiting beliefs, and where they come from, to whom they belong, we take the first and most important stept to let go of these unhelpful convictions. We can only adress and change something which we are aware of, so awareness about the existence of limiting beliefs is a key element to change!

Benefit #1

Taking a closer look at where those beliefs come from, usually family, we can put them in a context. We understand the function they once had and begin to understand that we do not need them anymore. Those beliefs have been formed around seemingly harmless utterances such as 'you are too clumsy, don't talk unless you are asked, get on with it, it is not all about you...'

Benefit #2 Understanding the context and the meaning of these beliefs and the patterns of behaviour formed on them, allows more empathy (for example towards your parents), and above all, more self-compassion. You understand that it is not YOU but that it is something outside of you, something you learned, and lived by as you had not other choice. Now, you have a choice!

Benefit #3 You give those beliefs a place, they get a seat in the backrow. You start to form your own beliefs about yourself, your abilities, your worth. Being equipped with more awareness of what shaped you - this awareness being your own monitor - you will be able to make better decisicons for yourself. The moment old beliefs show up, you tell them off, and send them to their seat in the back.

Sounds too easy? It is not! But possible!

Time, Patience, Encouragement

Awareness is the key element to changing unhelpful patterns. It takes time and discipline, and above all encouragement. The reward of living a life free of those beliefs is worth the effort and work.

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