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Time is a healer

One year after my horse Tetris got injured we finally could go to the beach again. And oh, how he took in the view, walked through the water and just enjoyed.

He suffered a serious tendon injury, and the vet told us that there is not much we can do, apart from rest and controlled movement for a couple of months. Initially, we followed his advice, gave the horse rest, and had him walk around for a few minutes a day. Before too long, I came to realise that those ingredients are not sufficient to help him recover. So, we moved him to a rehabilitation facility where he not only got his rest and movement, but also peace, good food, loving care and quietness.

I realised that time alone would have not helped to heal his injury, and that it is important to FEEL what is necessary to heal.

Healing is a complex process, certainly when it comes to wounds inflicted on our souls. Healing physical wounds and trauma can be a long haul with the only advantage that usually progress and healing are obvious, are noticeable. The wound or scar might get irritated depending on movement, weather conditions or state of health but once your leg is out of the cast, you can start walking again.

Healing mental wounds or trauma is a different story. At first, those wounds and injuries are not visible, and to take notice and give those wounds the same love, care and time is something we do not do so easily. Instead we cope, we manage, we hide, we dampen the pain those wounds are causing. Until the pain of these wounds becomes unbearable, often resulting in burn-outs, depression, tiredness.

Only then, we are inclined to take action, to look for help, reluctantly at first but then discovering that time is indeed a necessary ingredient for healing but that love, care, therapy, acceptance, patience are just a few of other important ingredients for recovery.

The lesson I learned from Tetris in his journey to recover is:

  • Accepting the wound, the injury - it is what it is, right now!

  • Patience - one step at a time!

  • Trust - above all yourself, you know what you need!

  • Help - don't hesitate to get support, and accept all the help you can get!

  • Time - it takes the time it takes, don't judge, don't rush!

At the beginning of his journey I did not see the end, all I could feel was sadness, hopelessness, grief, pain, loss. Being on the beach with him one year later reminded me of a saying which I should think about more often:

This too, shall pass!

Looking back, 2023 was not an easy one, but yesterday's beach ride made it all worthwhile!

What helps you through difficult moments, when you do not see the light at the end of the tunnel? Let's support each other when the going gets tough! I certainly could not have done it without the help of lovely and loving friends, you know who you are!

XXX Annette

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