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Stay in the moment....

is an advice we often hear without given it much thought. And easier said than done, I think. With our busy minds, busy life and everything around us, we hardly notice moments, unless they are really special, bad or good.

I love a walk on the beach and it is always a great reminder that it is not possible to stay in a moment as the moments come and go, just like waves. We have a choice how we show up in those moments, what we fill those moments with.

My take on this is that it means to live with more awareness, not all the time but when it comes to making choices. Take a moment to consider

  • Your thoughts? What is going on in your mind? Which emotions arise? Why are you thinking what you are thinking and do those thoughts reflect reality? Which evidence do you have for this reality?

  • Your work - what are you doing, what are you busy with? Does it give you pleasure, fulfilment, joy, purpose?

  • Your actions - your words, your deeds? What motivates your actions, why do you say what you say?

  • Your body - do you exercise? And why? Do you enjoy moving your body? Are you having fun?

  • Your food and drink - why do you eat what you eat? Because your are hungry? Is the food beneficial for your wellbeing? Do you take time to drink enough to keep you hydrated?

These are just a few ideas on how to create more awareness about your 'doing and being', and when we spend some time on this, we are connected to ourselves. What you do and think today, in this moment, will shape the next moment, your tomorrow, your future.

Take a moment to reflect on your values, gain clarity about them and use them as your red thread for now, today and tomorrow, your life! And accept that as each moment is fleeting, you can make better choices in the very next moment.

During a free 30 minute call, we can talk about how I can support you in making better choices for yourself

Love, Annette

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