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Vision, purpose, goal

Many clients come to see me with a certain goal. And that is great, we all need goals. But when I ask them about the context of that goal, they often cannot answer.

Context???? What I mean with this is, do you have a vision to which that goal contributes? A purpose which will be realised by reaching a goal?

The definition of a goal is the result of a longer process, and once the work is done, it is the vision, the purpose which motivates my clients to reach their goals. This is why thinking about your vision and purpose is the most important part when thinking about change and goals!

To see the bigger picture, we first need to zoom out!

It is important to not get hooked up on small details but to allow your imagination to show you the picture of how you want to live your life.

Often enough, the rational brain directly produces a big 'BUT...' and to check in with reality is important. But first things first, we may take time to dream, to envision our best life.

So..., what is your vision of life and which steps do YOU to take to turn that vision into reality?

Are you willing to do the work? Take a moment and check-in with yourself. Find a quiet space and some time to allow for introspection. Tell your inner critic to be silent for a moment, and that you will listen later. Take a deep breath....

How will my life look like if I my vision becomes reality? Where am I? What am I doing? What do I see, smell, hear? Who is with me? Is it warm, cold? How does the enviroment look like?

Once you have access to your vision, take some time to either write it all down, describe it in every little detail, speak a voice note to yourself, or make a moodboard.

Now, your inner critic may take a look:

1. is that really MY vision or is that a vision which seems attractive but does not resonate with me

2. how realistic is my vision, do I have the energy, resources, and stamina? Do I need to modify my vision?

3. how long will it take to turn my vision into reality?

Last but not least, it is important to reflect on this question:

If I do not follow my vision, if I do not do what my heart desires, how will my life look like in 1, 5 or 10 years?

Once you have answered these questions, you need to define the steps you need to take, the goals you need to reach, a timeline, a budget - that means, you need to make a PLAN!

Difficult? Let me support you and together, we find a out how to turn your vision into reality!

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