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Vision and Perspective

This year has been tough,to say the least, for all of us in many different ways.

For those of us who got away with it so far, let’s just hang in there, together and try to get through the rest of the year in the best possible way. Maybe we realise that we actually do not need anything for Christmas or that what we truly need cannot be bought in shops or online anyway?

During those last days of a year, I take the time to reflect on what this year has meant for me. Where am I in my life, what was meaningful and what superflous? What helped me and what blocked me? What was nourishing, and what did drain me? Did I do the things which I needed and wanted to do for myself, for my family and friends, in my work? And if not, why not, what kept me? I assess my answers, look at them, and try not to judge myself, easier said than done.

For me, now more than ever, it is important to have a vision, a sort of picture showing everything I like to have in my life, such a vision helps me to get through tough times. A vision is like dreaming but then during your conscious time of your day. Dreams are beyond our control but you can allow yourself to create a vision of the life you want to have. A vision can be big, bold, crazy and wild, as long as it is your vision and it inspires you. It is the visualisation of the creative potential within you, a compass and reminder of what you have in mind, how your life should be, for you!

Visions are very perceptible to judgment, that means if you limit your creative thoughts in the very instant they pop up in your mind, they have no chance to grow. Thoughts like ‘I am not good enough, this is not realistic, I do not have the funds for it, I have no talents…’ will suffocate any creative thought.

Instead, allow yourself a moment of peace. Listen to your favorite music or a meditation, surround yourself with magazines or books, anything which inspires you. Take out any quote, sentence, image you like and write it down or glue it on a piece of paper. Let your vision take shape. It makes a huge difference to your creative brain if you actually do it with your hands or if you do it on the computer!

What is the difference between vision and perspective? In my view, a vision is quite bold, unspecific and just like a dream, not so easy to pin down in details. Perspective is what happens when we take our visions seriously, checking which part of the vision is realistic, which resources are already there, what must still grow or happen? And what do we need to do for to become reality? Out of a vision, we create our own perspective, our own plan for life, something to look forward to because we know it is in our capacity.

A first step towards vision and perspective is a list of questions (PDF) which I try to answer as precisely and honestly as I can. To answer those questions I take the time it takes, no rush. Maybe this inspires and encourages you to dream, to give your visions space, let it take shape and from there on create your own perspective for 2021.

Perspective is more than hope, it is a realistic outlook into the future which keeps us motivated and getting through life. What is your perspective for 2021?

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