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One Step....

might be all we can take at this very moment. We even might need to take a step back or stand still.

We have a tendency to rush, to be driven by our ambitions and goals. We want to achieve it NOW.

When my clients have developed a vision and see their goal clearly, the enthusiasm is energizing, motivating. They cannot wait to get there.

As clear and obvious as the goal initially might be, the process might not be as straight foward as thought. Questions and doubts arise, the picture can get blurred. Adjustments or fine-tuning is part of the process.

Right then it is so important to be reminded that one step at a time will still get you where you need and want to be. It can be a great relief to accept that whatever comes your way is part of the process and it does not mean you lack willpower, committment or drive.

As you start to walk on the way, the way will appear - Rumi

If you need a break from walking, take that break. Take it with consciousness and with acceptance. Be kind to yourself.

And if you need support in walking your way, don't hesitate to look for it. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness but of strenght, courage and self-awareness.

Take good care and let me know if you can use some support!

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