• Annette Nilsson

Spring Clean Your Mind

Just do it…???

Familiar with this slogan? Does it motivate You, or does it just do the opposite? Do you feel almost patronised by this slogan simply because You cannot JUST do it?

The question is: what would it take to do IT, and more importantly: what is IT that you maybe want to do and why?

Important questions and just because you might not have an immediate answer and not even the slightest idea but a wheezy feeling that there is SOMETHING you should JUST do, does not mean you cannot find the answer, it might just take some time and above all patience. A curious mind, and a bit of support might be all which is necessary to get you just doing IT, whatever it is.

Live the life you want, in the way and in the quality you choose! Spring is a good time to give your mind a good clean out, much more important than those cupboards and wardrobes. Which voices are talking to you, from inside yourself? What do they say? Are they friendly, supporting, encouraging? Or rather demanding, commanding, belittling, irritating, disturbing?

We need to spend time to listen to our inner voices and find out what they have to say, why they say it, and then give those voices more space and attention which support us, which encourage us to do, what we just want to do! And some of those voices, we might not need to listen to, at all, anymore, never ever. Spring clean your mind!

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