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New Perspectives

Summer is here, and it is the time of year where many take a break from their daily chores and work. We have high expectations with regard to that special time, we want to relax, be active, do sight-seeing, do nothing, have a good talk, or enjoy moments of silence. Traveling or reading a good book during summer are means to get away from that every day life, from routines and sometimes, we just want to escape and feel free, if only for a short time. Change of scenery, new impressions, different cultures and amazing food are just some impulses which provide new energy and help us to recharge.

What if we used some of the holiday time to look at our own life from a distance? Just like we read a book, climb a mountain or watch a movie, a different perspective might offer new ideas, new views. Or, we might be able to let go of some of the judgements we so readily attach to ourselves, to our careers, to our relationships, and realise: all is good the way it is, and we are happy to turn back home. Either way, changing perspective and location is refreshing and a way to get new energy for our daily life.

We do not literally need to travel in order to look at life from a new perspective. Like seeing yourself from above, or behind, life coaching can give new impulses and offer new insights on your life, and how you would like to live it. You will discover new dimensions and aspects, have a better view on how and in what way you are or want to be connected to your environment. A life coaching session is like a journey to yourself, and it offers new perspectives. Interested? I am looking forward to hearing from You!

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