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I love problems....

which I can solve!

Problems come in all sorts of different shapes and difficulties. They can be logical, come in forms of obstacles, challenge, crisis, questions, transistions, changes, or even conondrums.

As difficult they might appear, as long as we start to see a glimpse of a solution, we jump into action. Ideally, a problem triggers our curiousity and creativity. We experience eustress, a form of positive stress which is short term, and after having solved our problem, leaves us with feelings satisfaction, achievment, accomplishment.

The human brain is brilliant in problem solving, it actually craves challenges, many people love their sudokus or other logical challenges. Playing games is about solving a problem, mastering a competition.

This drive to solve problems has been the engine of the evolution of homo sapiens.

Being faced with problems to which we do NOT find a solution is a rather different story than what I described before .The initial positive stress response of our brain can turn into what is called distress.

This is the chronic stress we experience when we are stuck in a problematic situation. Think of unhealthy relationships or doing a work which we do not find purposeful, not being acknowledge for who we are and what we do, existential fears, and so on.

The response of our nervous system to long-term stress is either fight, flight or freeze. Especially the last response, the freeze can make life very hard, very difficult. It is a state of dissociation, of self-isolation, and can lead to depression.

Freeze-distress causes the most damageto our body as stress hormones are constantly released, leading to serious health issues. Cortisol can cause an increase in weight as the metabolism is severely inhibited.

In this state, creativity or concentration is very difficult, meaningful engagement in relationships is challenging. Taking active part in social activities can be extremely tiring. Those activities are simply not necessary for survival, and as our reptile brain rules under chronic stress, we are on constant high alert, and everything else has to be shut out, literally.


Yes, luckily, there are solutions. And therefore, I love to support my clients in such situations.

Easy? No, certainly not! First, it is about acknlowleging the state of chronic stress, of exhaustion and gently paving a way for small steps towards solutions. Rest is an essential ingredient, as well as establishing healthy patterns of nourishment and movement. Excercises to regulate the nervous system are an important part of those coaching sessions, defrosting your whole system if you like.

As long as we keep on looking for solutions, they can be found. Let me support you in solving your problems, and give me a call or send me an email. Together, we figure out how you can return to a meaningful and enjoyable life, using your talents and strenght for your benefits, and those who love you.

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