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Energy and Trust

Yesterday, after a beautiful ride through the dunes, and over the beach, I was slowly riding past a couple who were enjoying their coffee on a bench in the sun.

As I greeted them, the man stood up and said: what a beautiful energy I feel coming from this horse, so strong!

WOW…I felt goosebumps rising, and a strong connection with this stranger, because we are all connected by energy, only most of us are either not aware of it, or do not allow it. If we want to connect through our energy, it means we need to be open to truly connect, and that makes us strong, but also vulnerable, and because of negative experiences in the past, we might not allow this anymore.

As horses are always in the moment, and need to constantly connect with their herd for their survival, they do not ask themselves: wait, can I energetically connect with a stranger as he might betray my trust? Instead, their default state of mind is that of trust, and the openess for connection.

I am very grateful to this stranger as he reminded me of the gift horses hold for us.

Can you tap into your own energy, trust, and share it with others? Or have you been betrayed, given away love and trust and not received anything back ? Being in the presence of horses, and in nature will support you to get back into your natural state of energy and trust.

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