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Decision Making When to go for it...or just leave it

Many of my clients struggle with decision making. There are so many opportunities, but not every opportunity is right for us. Sometimes, they feel quilty for not looking into all possible options. It is overwhelming, tiring and does not help to come to a good decision.

Guilt, fear or pressure are emotions which trigger your survival responses but are not helpful in making rational decisions. When I work with my clients, the first thing we do is to look at those unhelpful emotions, give them a place, and create space for creativity and balanced decisions.

During a coaching session, there is space and freedom to go through all possible scenarios. We have the time to dream big, define the visions which unfold, and slowly and steadily define the criteria on which to base a good decision. Those criteria are actually the goals, and the decisions to be taken should all help to achieve those goals.

Once we have identified and defined the goals, we take the time to validate them. It is important that the goals truly resonate with you and that they provide you with an intrinsic motivation to achieve them.

How do we know we our decisions will contribute to our goals, and vision?

There are 3 signs which tell you whether you are on track.

Take a moment to check in with yourself, then follows these steps:

1. You close your eyes, and imagine you went for it. What happens in your body? What do you feel? Where? In the gut - you came to the right place.

2. Now, focus on your throat: does it feel relaxed or thight? Relaxed - you are on the right track

3. Put your hand on your heart, and again, imagine you went for it: does it beat steady and slow, right under your hand? Good!

Take the time it takes, get a good nights rest, and then decide what you will do!

Every decision bears the risk of failure or mistake. But no decisions bears the risk of not living your life. The choice is yours!

If you want support and guidance in making decisions which allow you to live your life, get in touch for a free, 30 minute session, and we explore how my coaching can support you!

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