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So, here it is, my very first post on my website. I feel slightly out of my comfort zone, yet also excited and inspired to write and try new ways to communicate and share thoughts and ideas about personal growth and development. As a Life Coach, I support and guide people who are looking for changes, who are curious and who might be interested to begin something new. And as much as we have all heard that each day is a new beginning, it is much harder to actually do something new, or change a habit, or leave a job. So before we can enjoy the new beginning, we must focus and be clear about what we want to change or begin.

That is often the first threshold and life coaching can make all the difference. It is this diffuse feeling of ‘something has to change’ but not knowing what and how to start which leaves many of us feeling frustrated and estranged, much easier to just carry on, and actually…maybe it is not that bad. Maybe it is not, and that is great.

As this first post is about me and my new beginning, I would like to share that it took me some time, a lot of thinking, quite some courage before I even could imagine that I can actually start a new career. But it is possible, any time, today or tomorrow. It might take time, and maybe it should, that’s ok. In-between some fallbacks, and some bad days. I held on to my idea and during the bad days, I was lucky to have people who support me. And here it is, my website, and my blog and hopefully I can inspire you to find out what the possibilities are for you – you never know which adventure waits out there for you. Let’s talk about your goals, your dreams and ideas, I will help you focus, set a strategy and support you in living the life you want.

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