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Lately, I had not time to show up on social media. Wait, did I had no time or did I had to choose how to fill the time available to me?

Next to taking care of my clients, reading and studying, supporting my mum, a lot of time went into taking care of my colleague, my horse Tetris.

As you know, I also coach with the support of my horses. Tetris had injured himself in mid-January. This meant he had to stay in a stall for most of the day, and this is really tough for a horse who is used to be out with his friends, and free to run and play.

So, my main job was to keep him comfortable, and to make sure he got as much time outside of his stall as possible, standing for a moment in the sun or wind or rain, socializing with his buddies, and get a bit of walking excercise. Was I stressed? YES! I had a plan in mind for this spring, and suddenly, I had to rethink. And to let go of that plan was difficult, to accept that I could not do it all was a challenge.

Feeling exhausted, searching for a solution I realised at some point that all ll I had to do was to accept that my day has only 24 hours. Then, I shifted my prorities and once I found a structure for my day, a bit of the stress eased away. I still felt that I could do more, and be quicker, but at the same time, I was running out of battery, so no, stick to the plan, and don't try to squeeze in all.

Why do I share this? Because it is important to make choices WHAT we do during the time we have available in a day. And lately, I choose that I had to spend most of my time on taking care of my horse colleague!

While walking him for 10 minutes which can feel quite long being exposed to icy wind and rain, I started thinking about time.

Time is a fascinating concept. We all claim to have no time, but time cannot be possessed, as it happens independent of us. There are different ways to measure time but they will not change the fact that time is passing. And that gives a great deal of stress to many, so much to do, so little time available, right?

Time is one of the few phenomena which humans have not been able to alter so far.

And time is only precious because we know that our time on earth is limited, and the older we get the more we are aware of how quickly time goes by.

It is a subjective experience, for children, time moves as slowly as a snail, especially when it comes to exciting events such as birthdays or other festivities. Then, when the moment is there, time seems to rush, in just an instant the holiday or special moment is over.

Of course, this is not true. It is only our subjective experience during that time which differs.

The question is what do we do with our time here on this planet? If you believe in another life, it might not be so relevant, as there will be another chance or even multiple opportunities to live a life.

For those who do not believe in life after death, it is a different matter. If we assume that this one life is all we have, we might want to make the most of it. The most of it? What does that mean? Fill it with a lot of experiences, money, people, things? Be busy all the time, checking off the endless bucket list.

To me, it does not matter if you have a bucket list or not, if you feel you need to travel the world, or stay where you are. What matters is to live with awareness.

Awareness that whatever you do or not do will have an impact on your life. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think about your choices, and what informs these choices.

  • Are your choices informed by self-chosen goals, ideas, standards? Or are you following someone else's idea about how to live a good life?

  • Which values inform your choices?

  • What are your desires, hopes, needs, dreams?

  • Are you free to dream your life, how will it look like?

  • Do you take that freedom or do you not allow yourself to think about the good life because you think it is not possible, not for you?

In a free, 30 minute call we take the freedom to talk about the good life, and what it could take to live it.

Looking forward to spending some time with you!

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