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Annette Nilsson




Reflection, Analysis, Empowerment & Self-Efficiency 

Hello, I am Annette Nilsson, Life Coach and Philosopher. Coaching and supporting people in their personal development, in finding answers to their question is my passion.

For sustainable and lasting changes, it is necessary to challenge standing beliefs and take a new perspective. I support my clients to become who they are and encourage them to take the steps towards a life which is meaningful to them.


Together, we find the answers to your question.



Finding answers 

We all long for a purposeful life.


This purpose is not given but we need to find it ourselves. I encourage my clients in times of change, challenge, and transition.

Through a process of analysis, rethinking and reorientation, we define first steps towards long-term goals. In our coaching sessions, we take the time to identify obstacles, and develop strategies to overcome them.



Life Coaching

My coaching addresses every area of life, relationships, work, health, self-acceptance, loss and transitions.

A holistic approach will make sure our coaching sessions have a positive and sustainable effect on the overall quality of your life.

Coaching Sessions are as individual as you are.

We can walk on the beach or in the forest, we can work in my practice or communicate with my horses, always in absolute confidentiality! We can speak English, German, Dutch or Swedish.

Together, we will:

  • identify our goals

  • define first steps

  • overcome obstacles

  • say goodbye to old patterns of thought and behavior

  • search for your authentic self

  • take care of your needs and speed

  • celebrate life


Leadership Coaching


What are your ideas of leadership? Are you the leader your team needs? What guides you in your daily work and approach?

Some people are just naturally good leaders: 

  • They like to take responsibility for people, the have no ego, they love to see people grow and are content to be a part of their development.

  • They often have a vision which they are happy to share, through verbal and non-verbal conversation.

  • They are aware that in order to realise a vision, to reach a goal, they depend on the co-operation with others. 

Natural leaders are equally happy to follow or to take advice, and their leadership style can be described as ‘leading by example’.

The good news is that natural leadership is a skill which can be aquired through a coaching session with or without my horses, where we assess your values, your communication and integrity.

The horses reflect you, unbiased and without judgment.

You can be as close or as distant as you feel comfortable with.

I speak English, German, Dutch and Swedish.



"Life is about learning and growing, and it is up to us how we fill this life with meaning and purpose. The freedom that comes with this attitude is also a responsibility. It is up to me what to do with my life. I need to live it, and I want to feel alive, authentic, connected, full of energy and curious of what is yet to come."


In 2016, I became a certified Life Coach of the ICF accredited Academy of Dr. Petra Bock. Since 2016, I support both private and business clients by coaching them. My coachings focus on the individual, the human with his or her own story, needs and ideas. Guided by my values of honesty, trust and integrity, I support my clients to create a vision of the good life and take the steps to make that vision reality. 




"None of this would have been possible without the personal development I was able to do last year! It is very clear to me that I would not have been able to achieve the changes I did in such a short time without your amazing support! Thank you!"

Serena S.



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